Easy Ways to Make You Seem Smarter

Do you sometimes feel like you’re lacking when it comes to your intelligence? There are many ways you can step it up and seems smarter without even having to pick up a book. From changing the way you dress, to adding a middle initial to your name, these are  everyday tricks to make you seem smarter.



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Stick to What You Know
When you are in a heated discussion or debate, it is easy to want to push yourself and try to talk about things you may not be too sure of. It is important to keep your composure and stick to the things you know. When you focus more on disagreeing with someone, you may reach for anything and you could end up embarrassing yourself. Instead, make your focus on trying to find common ground and keep to the things you are sure about. Doing this, will make you see more intelligent and easier to get along with.


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Use a Middle Initial
Using a middle initial can make you appear to be an intellectual. People associate middle initials with having a higher social status therefore having a better education. Research shows that when students were given the assignment to review the writings of an author with several variations of his name, though the students all read the same work, they fell for the psychological appeal that having middle initials make someone seems smarter. The author with the most initials between the first and last names was ranked as the best work.



Researchers found that people can actually judge one another’s intelligence by assessing their facial expressions. During the study, people who had happier expressions were perceived to be smarter than there scowling counterparts. People who smile also seem to be more trustworthy to their peers which could explain the positive comparison to their intelligence. On the other hand people who frown are found to be less trustworthy, and are considered “angrier”.


Wear Thick Glasses
Have you ever put on a pair of glasses and all of a sudden felt smarter? The same effect works to trick others into thinking you are smarter. According to research, people who wear glasses were rated as looking more intelligent than people not wearing them. Though there may be a drawback. The same study found that people who don’t wear glasses appeared to be more attractive than those who did. So would you sacrifice your beauty to appear brainy?

Put the Drink Down
It’s true that when people drink, they may do some stupid things but that isn’t what makes people think you are unintelligent. The active simply holding a drink can make you appear unintelligent. Because we associate drinking with cognitive impairment, people may assume you are impaired, even if you have only had one drink. During a study were hiring managers were asked to look at photos of potential hires, they were more likely to hire people didn’t have an alcoholic beverage. So if you have a dinner meeting or dinner interview coming up, stick to not drinking to make your chances of success higher.


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Make Eye Contact
Along with just being good manners, making eye contact during a conversation is linked to seeming smarter. People who make great eye contact also perceived to be good leaders and to possess more confidence. Other than making you seem smarter, having good eye contact makes you appear to be more interested in the conversation. and it’s respectful to the others engaged in the conversation. When a group of students were paired off and one-half was told to seem intelligent, the trait that was most common in trying to appear smart was eye contact. Just make sure to not cross the line into making creepy eye contact.



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Be Confident
Have you ever heard the saying, fake it until you make it? Well, there is actually some truth behind this statement. Even people who were overconfident to their abilities have the appearance of high intelligence. This means when you believe in yourself, it shows. On the other hand, when you doubt yourself, others will doubt you and you will seem less intelligent to them. So one of the best ways to seem smarter is to start believing in yourself and have confidence in your abilities.


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Admit When You Don’t Know
One of the best traits a person can have is admitting when they don’t know something. This can be one of the hardest things to do but having self-awareness is linked to high intelligence. Have you ever heard someone say, “Idiots don’t know they are idiots”? It’s because people who are lacking an awareness of their own limits will never admit when they don’t know something. This can also make people reach for anything when they are in arguments and they may end up making false statements, which can make them look not so smart. So when in doubt, tell someone when you don’t know the answer and take the time to learn it.



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Dress For Success
Not only does dressing well make you seem smarter, it can actually make you smarter. Students who are lab coats during a study by Northern University performed better than students who didn’t. Which proves that the clothes we wear have power not only over others but also ourselves. On the other hand, a way to seem less intelligent is to show more skin. When someone is less covered up, they are thought to be less intelligent because they are drawing attention to their bodies and not their brains. If you want to be taken seriously as an intellectual then make sure to dress the part.

Pay Attention To the News
Have you ever tried to talk to a friend about a current event and they had no idea what was going on? What did that make you think about them? Being up to date with what is going on in the world is a good way to make you seem smarter. You don’t have to read every inch of the morning paper to be in the know. Just skim a few headlines and get caught up on the world events. Being able to discuss the news with acquaintances is a way to actually a accrue knowledge as well as appeared to have higher intelligence.

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