Is Superbowl Is For Real

Say this sandwich is your team overtime every part of it changes. The turkey gets traded to Denver, the tomato get suspended for dog fighting, the bread can’t close the ceiling deal. So a philosopher would ask is it even the same sandwich.  That’s what’s so weird about being a sports fan everything but the name changes year to year but we still love our team just as much and so we’re really just a fan of the logo.


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Before we pick which team is best in fact the playoffs are random and chaotic system that’s a little better than a coin plan. In fact more or less pick the winner at random. Historically the team with the best record wins the Superbowl less than half the time. It’s actually more common for each worst team to win. The Giants regular-season record that year was nine and seven the worst record of any team to ever win a superbowl. I need to tell you this but the Giants want the better team they were definitely the worst team and they just got lucky. Any team can win one game, the problem with the playoffs is they have way too small of a sample size.


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Over his career  Billy Joel has won 6 grammys, Bruce is here won tweenty yeah but on Feb. twenty-fifth nineteen eighty-one Billy beat Bruce for bestrock vocal performance. If you decide the whole contest based on one day in February Billy wins.  It’s exactly the same with the playoffs just because you win on one day it doesn’t make you the better team.

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What about the world series best of 7? Baseball’s even worst eventually the most random major sports. Since 1995 the team with the best regular season record has won the World Series just sixteen percent of the time. Legendary Oakland’s general manager Billy Beane who once said my job is to get us to the playoffs what happened that for that is luck. Long story short contender will skip the Superbowl and award the championship to whoever wins the coin flip. Exactly that’s why the playoffs are fun because that’s when the objectively worst underdogs can beat their athletic superiors face it you don’t like sports because their national we like them because they’re random and make no sense.

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